If you are thinking about requesting a commission from me, but you are new to the process and don’t know where to start, this is the page for you!

  • 1. Planning

    Following a commission enquiry, we can communicate either by message, email, phone or even better a video call. You will then receive an annotated sketch plan of the proposed commission with a quote. This is an opportunity to make any suggested changes following the initial consultation.

  • 2. Sharing the Process

    Once we are both happy with the plan, I ask for a 30% deposit to place you on the waiting list and to order any materials. I will keep you updated with the waiting times and send photos and videos of the process once I have begun.

    Process Videos 
  • 3. Framing & Packaging

    If you have chosen to have a frame we will then revisit this once the piece is finished. Final payment is on completion prior to shipping. Pieces are well packaged with a certificate of authenticity and shipped with tracking.

    Gallery of Commissions 

What to consider

What would you like the main content to be? A particular animal or pattern? Abstract?

Is there a story or meaning behind the piece that would be important to you?

Do you like the delicate and detailed watercolour style or the more painterly acrylic style?

Do you like bold/vivid colours? Splashes and drips?

What colour palette are you looking for? Multicoloured? Vibrant? Muted/subtle? Consider the colour of the room you want to piece in and whether you want something to fit with the colour scheme or accent it.

What size piece are you looking for? A4, A3, A2, A1? Square? Or custom size? I am very happy to do much larger pieces also, so there is no limit here! Just bear in mind the larger it is the more materials and time, so the price will be higher.

Would you like mixed media and embellishments such as gold/copper leaf? Do you like the resin style which creates an extremely glossy finish that pops? I am always happy to explore new materials.

Are there any other artists’ styles you really like? This can be useful to determine what style really appeals to you.

Is there a fixed time frame I need to work to? If so, let me know at the outset, so I can determine if I can finish the work in time for you.

If you have a set budget then don’t be shy to let me know. It is easier for me to tell you how and whether this can be achieved. 

Why don't you copy and paste the above into an e-mail and work through each question?

What Next?

Once you have answered some of these questions e-mail them to me at