Commissions &Previous Sales

Here you can see direct sales and commissions not listed in the shop. If you would like to discuss a commission please e-mail me via the contact page


"Black Beauty" SOLD July 2024

Acrylic on canvas, 8x8"


"Monstera" SOLD June 2024

Acrylic on panel, 8x8"

"Prayer Plant" SOLD July 2024

Acrylic on panel, 8x8" 


"Snake Plant" SOLD July 2024

Acrylic on panel, 8x8'

"Country Meadow" SOLD July 2024

Acrylic on canvas, 50x50cm

"Soar" SOLD April 2024

Acrylic and resin on panel board 36 x 24inches.


Acrylic, gold leaf and resin on panel 20 x 20 inches.


"Flutter" Acrylic and resin on panel 

"Swiss Bliss" Commission completed January 2024. Acrylic, resin, glitter and copper leaf on panel 20 x 20 inches


"Colourfast" Commission completed February 2024. Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24 inches

“Feel the Music”, Acrylic on canvas with gold leaf, 80x80cm unframed £360


Watercolour with pen on A4 Arches paper - SOLD Dec 2023


Watercolour with pen on A4 Arches paper - SOLD Dec 2023

"Morag" This pregnant cow, called Morag was a continuous line drawing done as part of my #tenminutespiece summer art challenge. SOLD via Hitchin Information Office Oct 2023.


Commission Indian ink and watercolour wash on Arches paper - Sept 2023 SOLD

Commission of a family of 4 owls in pen and watercolour. September 2023. SOLD.


Pencil drawing on arches paper. September 2023. GIFTED

Pet portrait commission. Watercolour on arches paper. September 2023. SOLD.

Commission of a personalised embryo, watercolour painting, on Arches rough paper. July 2023. SOLD.

A set of botanical illustrations commissioned by a collector. Watercolour on Arches paper framed in solid oak, glass-fronted frames. August 2023. SOLD.

 "Out of the deep" 50x50cm acrylic on panel with resin, gold dust and gold glitter. Was exhibited at Broadway Studio Gallery, Letchworth from 12th August to 7th October 2023. Available in The Green Man, Great Wymondley.

"Samarivan" fundraising auction for local samaritans. Exhibited Arkley Fine Art 22-29 Sept ‘23. SOLD.

"Simplicity" Pen and watercolour wash on A4 Arches rough paper. July 2023. SOLD.


"Orcas" Acrylic drip painting with glitter and resin on 19mm thick panel 50x50cm SOLD July 2023 as a commission.

"Fancy Flamingo" acrylic drip-painting which pops with multiple layers of resin. Painted on a 3mm gesso panel 18 x 36 inches and was sold directly to a collector in the design phase. SOLD May 2023. 

Iridescent acrylic painting of a peacock with gold leaf detailing on beak and feathers. Framed in a gold floater frame.

"Perfect peacock" Acrylic and 23-carat gold leaf on 50 x 50cm canvas. Commission SOLD directly April 2023.

"Messy Macaw" drip-painting 40 x 40cm unframed. FOR SALE £120  - in The Collective Gallery, St Albans.


"Precious Pollen" Acrylic and 23 carat gold leaf on 50 x 50cm canvas. SOLD at Kimpton Art Show (see Events tab) on 28th April - 1st May

"Explosion" Acrylic on 50 x 50cm canvas. SOLD at Kimpton Art Show (see Events tab)on 28th April - 1st May


Photograph of watercolour painting of aston martin DB6 with paintbrush, pencil and pen as well as liquid watercolour bottles

Watercolour painting of Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Volante on high-quality A3 watercolour paper - SOLD March 2023

Orange Gerbera drip-painting with copper leaf embellishments, 40x40cm - SOLD March 2023

Commission for aesthetics clinic, resin art, 30x30cm - SOLD February 2023


Candy Cane Snail in acrylics with resin shell 30x30cm - SOLD February 2023

Watercolour painting of black and white hands holding a turnip up like a trophy

Watercolour painting of a turnip cradled in hands, on A3 high-quality watercolour paper - SOLD December 2022